Industrial and Occupational Safety

  • GSK - Glaxo Smith Kline: external HSE-Consultant for a new pharma-Zoster production builiding, Marburg, Germany
  • Roche Diagnostics GmbH: external HSE-Consultant for the extension of the pharma EPO production, Penzberg, Germany
  • Andritz Hydro GmbH: preparation of the HSE documents for the hydro power plant project at Nkula, Malawi
  • Andritz Hydro GmbH: HSE Consultant for the construction of the New Assiut Barrage Hydropower Plant at Assiut, Egypt
  • Energji Ashta sh.p.k.: preparation of the H&S documents for the 48-MW hydro power plant Ashta near Shkoder, Albania
  • Andritz Hydro GmbH Austria: HSE Consultant for the construction of the Kaunertal Hydro Power Plant penstock system, Prutz, Austria
  • Siemens AG Germany: Execution of a HAZID-Study for the 1.600-MW gas and steam power plan Shuweihat S3 at Abu Dhabi
  • Verbund Renewable Power GmbH: preparation of the health&safety plan and safety relevant documents for the 200-MW windpark Casimcea, Romania
  • ARGE HABAU/Streicher: Safety engineer for the construction of a gas-pipeline (600mm and 900mm) in Austria and Germany
  • Siemens AG Austria: design safety coordinator for the 400-MW gas and steam power plant HEMWEG at Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Siemens AG Germany: design safety coordinator for the 400-MW gas and steam power plant DIEMEN at Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Verbund Hydro Power AG: HSE Consultant for the construction of a 48-MW Hydro-Power-Plant Ashta near Shkoder, Albania
  • Siemens Power Generation Anlagentechnik GmbH: HSE-coordinator for the 400-MW gas and steam power plant Timelkam (subcontractor)
  • Siemens Power Generation Anlagentechnik GmbH: preparation of VEXAT-documentation for the construction phase and start-up phase of the 400-MW gas and steam power plant Timelkam
  • City of Linz: creation of the health&safety plan for the renaturation of the collection channels in Urfahr
  • City of Lenzing: creation of the health&safety plan and site safety coordinator for the infrastructure project of a new housing area
  • Stecco: storing of ground water-harming material, Aurachkirchen (subcontractor)
  • Brandstetter, joinery: development of fire prevention plan, St Marien (subcontractor)

Water Management and Land Management

  • Municipality Buchkirchen/ Raika Buchkirchen: drinking water supply to the housing development of Eiselsbergstraße, Municipality of Buchkirchen
  • Real Treuhand Immobilien GmbH: parking lot drainage for the retail centre Schwanenstadt
  • AREV-Immobilien: surface drainage at the Centre Prinz Eugen, Linz
  • ARAL Austria: drinking water well and protected area for a Marchtrenk petrol station
  • Reiter family: small wastewater treatment plant, St. Thomas am Blasenstein
  • Megaplex Cinema: hydraulic calculations for groundwater preservation, Pasching
  •  Richter Pharma AG:
  • industrial sewage treatment for a pharma company, Wels
  • Aquarium Linden:
  • industrial sewage treatment for the needs of the aquarium, SteinerkirchenPPI Plastic Products Innovation GmbH&CoKG: cooling water extraction and percolation, Ebensee (subcontract)
  • Raiffeisenbank: canal overhaul, Buchkirchen
  • Jandl Transport GmbH: district construction project, Buchkirchen
  • Spar-Markt: geothermal probe for a heat pump, Eberschwang
  • Dierneder family: exploration of variants for wastewater discharge, Windhaag
  • City of Wels: construction supervision for a wastewater collector, Wels
  • ÖBB (Austrial Railway): culverting of a rail embarkment with a wastewater collector, Bad Goisern (subcontract)
  • Water Cooperative Mayrhof-Reith: drinking water supply, Rutzenmoos (subcontract)
  • Kreuzmayr GmbH: indirect discharger report and surface drainage for a petrol station, Eferding
  • Heinisch Textilveredelung GmbH&CoKG: indirect discharger report for a dye factory, Hörsching (subcontract)
  • Horizont 3000: restoration of the water supply and wastewater disposal, St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, Gulu, Uganda
  • Antunovic family: certificate of surface drainage for a building parcel, Wels

Procedures with Authorities

Please bear in mind that the references under this section can only be presented anonymously to protect our customers.

  • Preparation of submission documents for a permit and obtaining a permit under the water act for the drainage of a housing development after the authority previously gave a negative evaluation for the project under another planner
  • Obtaining a water permit under the water act for the discharge of industrial wastewater after the authority previously gave a negative evaluation for a project drafted by the applicant himself
  • Providing support for a power plant operator in response to the demand of the authority for improving the plant to comply with the state of the art by means of residual water discharge (subcontract)
  • Obtaining approval under the water act for the reissue of a number of expired water permits for well systems
  • Obtaining water permits under the water act for a drinking water well, in spite of the fact that the demands by the authority as a well protection area cannot be met
  • Certificate of tidewater safety for a single-family home. Obtaining permits under building and water act in spite of an appeal filed by neighbours
  • Subsequently obtaining permits under industrial and building law for a producing enterprise with more than 100 employees
  • Industrial plant permits for several locksmiths
  • Industrial plant permit for several logistics centres
  • Industrial plant permit for a warehouse
  • Industrial plant permits for severalproduction buildings and factories
  • Storage room in compliance with the VbF (Ordinance on flammable fluids) and documents in accordance with VEXAT (Ordinance on explosive atmosphere) for the industrial plant permit for a business (subcontract)
  • Reviews according to Sec. 82b GewO (Industrial Code) for different enterprises (e.g. restaurants, locksmiths, glazier's shops, carpenters shops, stove builders, warehouses and shoe producers)
  • Reviews according to Sec. 134 WRG (Water Act) for various plants (e.g. cavity percolation and well systems)
  • Industrial plant permit for a powder-coating plant
  • Industrial Code permit for a restaurant
  • Industrial Code permit for a garden centre

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