Construction includes all matters and responsibilities relating to construction, from the suitability of the subsoil and architectural design, the use and structural design of buildings to matters concerning building physics such as fire protection and energy certificates.

Construction not only covers traditional single-family homes but also office buildings, commercial enterprises, factories, bridges, road construction and reinforcement walls. Typical building materials are brick, concrete, steel, and wood but special construction materials are also being used more and more.

In the area of construction, BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH provides consultation and drafting and planning services, obtains approvals from authorities; prepares tender invitations; carries out the construction supervision and prepares the invoices. Additional services consist of drafting energy certificates; preparing 3D visualisations, fire protection plans, and property valuations and coordinating planning and construction sites.

For homebuilders, we also procure the building materials, hire craftsmen or handle small construction sites, as well as providing the plans for official submission.

Environmental Engineering and Waste Management

Environmental engineering is a very broad and complex field. BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH concentrates specifically on the areas of water, wastewater and waste in environmental engineering. Part of this is the clean-up and safety of inherited pollution and brownfields, groundwater restoration, landfill construction, and immediate action when there are accidents involving substances and liquids hazardous to the groundwater.

We take on the planning of small wastewater treatment plants or municipal and company wastewater treatment plants as well as the drafting of indirect discharger reports, project planning for water processing plants and the renaturation of waters.

In co-operation with the ecological advisory programme offered by the Chamber of Commerce for Upper Austria, we also carry out subsidised company consulting work and eco-checks. We would be happy to advise you about our services and the available options for subsidies.

Waste management concerns all of us. Wastes cause environmental problems and increased costs. BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH prepares waste management concepts for companies and takes on planning and public authority projects for landfills.

Additional Services

The work areas presented on the website of BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH cover a major part of our work and areas of expertise. Some of our activities, however, cannot be assigned definitively to one category or are of more general application.

We have sometimes, received enquiries relating to areas which we have never dealt with before and have nevertheless been able to complete the work competently and successfully on our own or with the help of our partner offices.

Whatever we cannot or are not permitted to do on our own will be done by the offices in our partner network at the same level of expertise and quality.

We are also happy to give specialist presentations, provide technical support at information events or prepare expert opinions and cost estimates.

We cannot, or may not be permitted to, carry out all of the activities requested. If you are uncertain whether we offer the service you require, simply ask us. We will be happy to advise you. And in the rare cases in which we cannot help you personally, we will direct you to our qualified partner offices which are suitable for the work.

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