Expert Opinions

We take on business expert opinions and studies on several technical topics.

Private Expert Opinions

Expert opinions and surveys can help to prevent controversies with neighbours or business partners without taking legal action. They also can reduce the costs of legal actions.

  • Private expert opinions are commissioned especially in the following cases:
  • Clarification of technical issues
  • Valuation of real estates
  • Prevention of legal action
  • Investigation of causes of damage, e.g. by insurances
  • Verify the chances of legal actions
  • Doublecheck expert assessments
  • Supplying experts for legal actions

Non-official expert

Procedural law allows the engagement of non-official experts. They are appointed by the authority when the authority does not have any government experts available in the field of expertise.

The applicant, however, also has the option of personally requesting a non-official expert, e.g. to speed up the procedure.

With the competence and education of our CEO, we can help you speed up the procedure if you have contracted a different planner for the project planning.

BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH is enlisted to the Non-official Expert list of the Upper Austrain Chamber of Commerce. This list is used by the authorities to select the experts for their permit approval procedures.

Legal experts

Legal experts are commissioned by court judges or prosecutors. Our CEO is enlisted to the legal expert list for questions of groundwater issues.

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