The term water management covers all areas of hydrology and water resources management. This includes both water circulation from precipitation, percolation, drainage and evaporation and water management engineering, such as drinking water supply, wastewater discharge, sewage treatment and groundwater depletion or groundwater recharge.

Land management in terms of water management is a subcategory which essentially examines questions and problems in relation to agricultural water management, e.g. field drainage and field watering systems.

BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH offers support in all areas of water management. We design drainage lines for wastewater or storm water sewers, small wastewater treatment plants, municipal wastewater treatment plants or industrial sewage treatment and provide project planning for drinking water and process water wells, drinking water protection area designation and water distribution.

Other areas include groundwater depletion, percolation systems, e.g. for parking lots and roof drainage systems according to the Austrian standards or the DWA (ATV) [German Water Management Association] guidelines, and hydrogeological expert opinions on extraction, percolation and hot or cold geothermal energy diffusion relating to heat pumps and cooling plants.

Since 2015 we are enlisted in the court expert list for groundwater problems.

Please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you about our services.

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