Do you need a building permit or industrial plant approval? Have your water permits expired? Do you have problems with the environmental agency? Come and see us! We also specialise in the processing of procedures which involve authorities.

We offer professional advice in matters involving authorities, the preparation of submission and review projects, participation in meetings, negotiations and citizen participation procedures in addition to professional support when there are objections to your project. We will also advise or file complaints in cases of third-party projects which are detrimental to your interests.

We can likewise carry out a review pursuant to Sec. 82b Industrial Code or Sec. 134 of the Law on Water Permits. We can also offer the management of notices for you. This means that we will manage your notices, remind you of scheduled dates and measures in good time, or attend the scheduled dates and see the measures through on your behalf.

Our expertise has saved many customers unnecessary exchanges with the authorities and time. Also, with our support, some applications previously considered lost have concluded with a positive final outcome.

We are also authorised to advise our customers on procedures with authorities relating to matters under administrative law. However, in particularly delicate or legally difficult cases, we will of course consult a legal adviser or work in collaboration with your legal counsel.

Procedural coaching – experience counts !

Not only has the CEO of BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH successfully completed the civil engineering and master builder exam but he has also passed the exam for higher technical construction service and higher technical service at the State Government Office of Upper Austria (so-called Civil Servant Exam). This exam focuses on a knowledge and application of the laws and ordinances. In addition to this the course “Bauanwalt” (master builder solicitor) was passed successfully in spring 2015.

In the CEO's 16 years of professional activity as Government Expert of the City of Wels, with 12 years of this time in the role of Department Director, he has gained comprehensive experience in the processing of administrative procedures under building, water and commercial laws.

Besides good contacts with many representatives of the authorities and government experts, he therefore not only takes the technical component of planning into account, but also knows what matters to the authority in terms of approval procedures. This saves a lot of time as well as the customer's money.

Non-official expert

Procedural law allows the engagement of non-official experts. They are appointed by the authority when the authority does not have any government experts available in the field of expertise.

The applicant, however, also has the option of personally requesting a non-official expert, e.g. to speed up the procedure.

With the competence and education of our CEO, we can help you speed up the procedure if you have contracted a different planner for the project planning.

BAUMANN Ingenieur-Consulting GmbH is enlisted to the Non-official Expert list of the Upper Austrain Chamber of Commerce. This list is used by the authorities to select the experts for their permit approval procedures.

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